Thursday, February 18, 2010

Look It Up

"Look it up," my Dad would always say whenever Amy or I asked him something. It was his attempt to teach us, get us to think for ourselves, be productive, earn some A's (and a few B's for me). The always by the book, reasonable, wet birds don't fly at night, life isn't fair attorney took issue with my handing out standing ovations too freely. They should be reserved. I rethought my stance. Reviewed my blog. Realized that I may have overstated the frequency and understated the level of quality needed for my two-legged exuberence. I explained that it's not every time and I really do need to thoroughly enjoy the performance. He (and Webster's) think that they should be done on special occasions to show approval after extraordinary performances of particularly high acclaim, a special honor, save it for the A+'s only.

Looks good on paper and in theory. You don't want to be handing out A's to the B crowd, now do you? Well, speaking as a sometimes B crowder, glass is half full, easily impressed and just happy to be out enthusiastic audience member, my bar is lower. Give me a nice solid B show, throw in an A for effort and I'll be the first one up.

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  1. All comedy writers are allowed a little bit of exaggeration, Lisa!