Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Fair Thee Well

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Off to the Fair

Rides, cotton candy, a petting zoo and even a Star Trek exhibition,
 photo Star_trek_flyer_FB_zps07f9a6bf.jpg
so I don't have to go alone

National Cat Day

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Just heard it's National Cat Day
All about the cats, special treatment, extra treats, lots of petting

Or, as otherwise known in our house,
 National Just Like Every Other Day Day

Saturday, October 26, 2013


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Maggie's 5th Annual Halloween Party!

Our unbelievably creative and Bewitching hosts - Maggie and Jens.
 photo 5_zpsf922c93f.jpg
Party People
 photo 3_zpsf4922e4b.jpg
I went as
 photo 2_zps9800d5fa.jpg
and tried to sign up some characters for a little insurance,
 photo 1_zps176ab4c7.jpg
but kept running into a bunch of scary "glitches"...
 photo 4_zps90ae7194.jpg

Friday, October 25, 2013

Lit Lounge - Wabi Sabi

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Such a fun Friday thing to do. Listening to hilarious storytellers, sitting next to Leslie, the funniest storyteller I know. Wabi Sabi.
 photo LunchLit_wabisabi_Fall2013_zps02dbcea1.jpg
Wabi Sobby!
 photo resize_image_zps3c4cbc63.jpg
AND a band - dulcimer, accordion, really cute dress - Where Have All The Buffalo Gone?

Monday, October 21, 2013

Book Club - tiny beautiful things

 photo Tiny_Beautiful-330_zps51ddad58.jpg
Great book by Dear Sugar (Cheryl Strayed)
Like Dear Abby with an attitude.
They just dig. It's too much paint.

Tiny beautiful things like beanies and weenies, massive marshmallows, enormous skewers and lots and lots of Divas surrounding Leslie's spectacular bonfire.

Dear Sugar,
Stop on by next time. You'll fit right in.

Mah Jongg Babies

 photo 1235409_10151599554276423_335147169_n_zps057abcad.jpg
Gorgeous Gabriel
 photo 1377204_10201558468177956_765006309_n_zps999162bb.jpg
Lovely Leah

My Mah Jongg group has been yelling cracks and bams for almost fifteen years, huddling at dining room tables a couple of times a month, watching kids run around, getting ready for bed, then running off to college and leaving the nest, watching the husbands pop into the kitchen for a snack, then escape to the semi-quiet of a back room somewhere. These days we're lucky enough to catch up at a table at Fry's for a few hours worth of games, but that doesn't stop the yelling. This month we've got two BIG things to shout about - babies! Holly's little Leah and Brian's cutie Gabriel.

Time flies when you're having fun...


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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sunday Shakespeare

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Mesa Encore Theatre
Hilarious. A fast-paced abridged version of every Shakespearean play. Great acting. Totally original concept. I even almost got decapitated by a fake sword. 

Upcoming Fun - Rock and Butterflies!

 photo exhibits-womenwhorock2_zps00476b89.jpg
 photo rr_zps5ef7c161.jpg
Butterfly Wonderland

Time to get out there for some fun...

Movie Madness - Captain Phillips

 photo MV5BMTQzNzExMDg3Ml5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwODU1NzEzMDE_V1_SX214__zps41157604.jpg
I just love Tom. Even on a Sunday morning trapped on a ship surrounded by Somali pirates.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Thursday Twosome

 photo 266-lg-v2_zpsd30d16ad.jpg
Old Wildcat ventured down to my barrio, rescuing me from the office for a special Thursday treat at 
Barrio Queen.
Expert plumbing advice, the miraculous opening of the U.S. Government and the crazies running the place, the family tree branches from Paris to Phoenix, including a young girl's incredible journey to the west coast, stopping alone in Chicago, the Herculean effort of the Bretton Woods Conference, the low-to-the-ground-path to crystal clear ice cubes, some really good guacamole.
Made me feel like a Queen, indeed. 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Hump Day Happy Hour

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Who knew the gang was so desperate to get out? Big hump day crowd for Chambord margaritas and catching up with Jill, Leslie, Jaye, Louise, Ronnie, Cecily, even MIKE, MIKE, MIKE, MIKE, MIKE showed up and so did the new Mr. T (no, not the old Mr. T).

Monday, October 14, 2013

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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Thirty Years???

 photo 555929_683583984985832_581003630_n_zps74adaf95.jpg
The Arcadia Titans Class of '83!!
Well, about 20% of us (seems like the boring ones stayed home).

THIRTY year reunion. What a wild ride! From the third grade memories, the old teachers, the out-of-control parties to the new stuff, the marriages, the kids, the busy, busy lives, the let's-keep-in-touches.

Tour of the school
 photo IMG_2669_zpsd23c89f3.jpg
O.H.S.O happy hour
Reception at Roaring Fork

 photo 1385358_10202351015399747_1361298638_n_zps7aeced9c.jpg
Lisa Segal, Mary and Lisa D.
 photo 1382329_679925368686799_1061573017_n_zps8077d0a3.jpg
Tod W., Kaye B. and Lisa D.
 photo 903127_10202351040480374_800646434_o_zps0fbe4755.jpg
Our Homecoming Royalty,
Kaye and John, still both just as sweet as back then.

Go Arcadia!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Thank You For Saving My Life

 photo IMG_2413_zpse94cc330.jpg
After raging against the machines all day - the fax, the desktops, the new leg circulation testing thingy - and getting blurry-eyed arguing with insurance companies, software techs, Cox cable guys, balancing the business end, somehow morphing into a fake Type A to get through the days, playing coach on the sidelines, fetching water, making sure Dr. Everythingwillbealright eats a little something, patting him on the behind as he heads into the next flagged exam room - doling out extra "you're doing great, keep up the good work, and hang in there 'cuz the team needs you" on a long, long, long Tuesday, sometimes it's easy to forget why we're there. Then the last patient of the day says Thank you for saving my life.

Suddenly it all makes sense.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Power Off

 photo 4_zps6c3a31bc.jpg
I spent probably two hours this week fighting with a fax machine, but I won. For now, at least. I thought it might end up in my Electronics Recycling box, gathering stuff for the past few months in my garage, waiting for today when I can drop it all off for reincarnation into some other purpose, or at least keep them out of a landfill. My eight year old scanner made it into the box, finally biting the dust this summer after a year or so of babying it and eventually realizing that the couple of medication adjustments for our front office employee to try to help their relationship weren't going to work. I happily broke up with our decade old clunky laptop a few days ago. A hand-me-down from my father-in-law, back when the business world didn't speak to Shawn's beloved mac products. About a year ago I started to feel little shocks on my wrists while working from home, happily typing away ten miles away from the office, a big concrete building, always about 53 degrees with really unflattering florescent lighting. The shocks got worse. I had to start holding my wrists up high, curving my fingers down to the keys, recalling bad memories of piano lessons from way way back. It was the power cord that helped me make my decision to finally push the Purchase button on Dell.com. The rectangular thing in the middle of the cord got so hot after about two minutes being plugged in. I replaced it when Mr. Chew Boy Nicky chomped through the original, but once the burning continued with the new one, I added one more hunk of metal to the box in my trunk for the recycling bin.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Brace Face

 photo IMG_2609_zps2e1959b6.jpg
He had me at "gum graft"
My dentist told me I need braces. Then an orthodontist told me the same thing - surprise! Something about a slight shift. Some grinding. Some wearing down. Seems like one round of braces should have been enough.

Say Cheese...