Sunday, May 31, 2009

We've Got Hair

We've got hair. Here are the reasons

Cali and Lotus


and Sully

This is what we do about it - Roomba.


I'm not a big believer in TVs in the bedroom. I took the one out of mine and Shawn's room at least six houses ago and poor Shana's never had one in her room. I always figured that we all could do without a constant stream of the noise. It has always driven me crazy when I go over to somebody's house and the thing's on all the time. Come on, read a book, talk to each other, don't be a slave to the marketers. So when Shana moved to a dorm room in August, her roommate's mom and I got together and just said "No" to the TV.  That lasted until Shana scored her own room in January and her boyfriend found some long lost TV in his garage and voila!...Shana got a TV. What could I say? Then the thing landed in my garage. Now it's in Shana's bedroom. She's gone for a three day Leadership training and I found myself in there yesterday am around 5 after wandering around trying to go back to sleep, still jet lagged. I reached for the remote and surfed around through the body building and juicer informercials until I found The Brady Bunch.'s a story...of a lovely lady...

who could resist?

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Chihuly - two more days

If you live in Phoenix and you haven't been to the Desert Botanical Gardens to see the Chihuly exhibit - you've only got two days left. It's really incredible. It's totally different during the day and at night, but since you stalled for this long - go as the sun's going down to get a little bit of each ( has discount tickets). Maybe I'll see you there...

Love, love, love the ladies!

The wine glasses were breaking, the soy sauce flying. Just another happy hour out with the girls. A little catch-up toast or two surrounded by the beautiful people of Scottsdale (okay, we made fun of most of them with the girls and their new boobs and the guys with their higher than there expectations, especially a recently engaged goo-goo eyed well past 50 thong flashing gold digger). 

Started dreaming about a little cafe in lie. 

Thursday, May 28, 2009

What a TRIP!!!

Sorry, sorry, sorry - I know it's hard to look at somebody else's trip pics - but here they are anyway!!!

Cannes Album 1

The REAL movie stars!!
View from the top!

Two hip chicks at a French cafe.

Cannes Album

Our big ship next to some guy from Microsoft's smaller little boat (supposed to be the largest personal yacht - Octopus)

Cruise Album 4

The "Prom Pose" with weird dad in the back.

The "Happiness" tattoo (or maybe it said Chicken Chow Mein)

Room with a view

Midnight Buffet!

The getting onboard group shot (yes, I even bought the thing)

Cruise Album 3

Shana and Papa
No, I really, really, really love you!!!
Hi, meet your tour guide!

Nana and Papa

Cruise Album 2

Heather, the birthday girl (could not get her to take off the light-up tiara!)

Do ya think I'm sexy?
The trio all dressed up!

We're eighteen, we can do what we want.

Cruise Album 1

Cruise Album

Hittin' the tequilla just after boarding
Hittin' the pool just after boarding
...and the wine...
Upgrade - suite with a walk-in closest and BIG balcony!

Florence Album 1

Not a bad place to work - streetside, Florence
OMG - so beautiful!

Florence Album

The most incredible city I've ever seen...Florence
Watch out for this guy

Pizza in Italy

Pisa Album