Sunday, May 31, 2009


I'm not a big believer in TVs in the bedroom. I took the one out of mine and Shawn's room at least six houses ago and poor Shana's never had one in her room. I always figured that we all could do without a constant stream of the noise. It has always driven me crazy when I go over to somebody's house and the thing's on all the time. Come on, read a book, talk to each other, don't be a slave to the marketers. So when Shana moved to a dorm room in August, her roommate's mom and I got together and just said "No" to the TV.  That lasted until Shana scored her own room in January and her boyfriend found some long lost TV in his garage and voila!...Shana got a TV. What could I say? Then the thing landed in my garage. Now it's in Shana's bedroom. She's gone for a three day Leadership training and I found myself in there yesterday am around 5 after wandering around trying to go back to sleep, still jet lagged. I reached for the remote and surfed around through the body building and juicer informercials until I found The Brady Bunch.'s a story...of a lovely lady...

who could resist?

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  1. one of the most annoying things - tv on all the time and no one watching it. like they are afraid they'll lose the cable if they turn it off or something...