Monday, May 18, 2009


I have a confession. I just couldn't get it all into the one medium and two small bags. Last minute I added my favorite, favorite Prada duffle bag (fake, fake, fake) and threw in everything else that wouldn't fit. Mostly it was a bunch of travel books. I seem to be the only one planning for this trip, while the rest of the gang is just along for the ride. The gang includes the fabulous Heather as well as Shawn's parents (Nana and Papa). Nana was talking to Shana a few weeks back about our trip and asked to tag along. Once she bought the big suite and realized that Papa had tons of about-to-expire miles, she talked him into coming, too. So, now I've got a boat load of peeps just waiting for me to lead them through Europe.

And I'm the only one that read anything. Let's go!!!!

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