Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Florence - Pisa!

Oh. My. God. Florence is magnificent!! But first, we started the day at Pisa looking at the leaning tower . What an incredible feat of engineering – so hard to imagine how it still stands. We toured the Piazza del Duomo – the Field of Miracles. We got back on the bus to Florence and started out at the heart of Florence, another Piazza del Duomo. We strolled through churches and medieval streets and sculpture galleries. It started to heat up a bit, but we stuck it out and kept walking through more streets and bridges like the incredible Ponte Vecchio and the gorgeous Santa Croce. We all fell asleep back on the bus for the trip back to the ship. Nana and Papa had their own little date night, while we celebrated Heather’s birthday in the Nutcracker dining room, laughing and singing and enjoying her light-up tiara she wore to dinner!

Another fabulous day. Tomorrow…Rome!


  1. Oh I love Florence! Had the best steak of my life at some tiny little dive place there. They wacked it off a hunk of beef on some counter in the back and threw it in a wood burning oven. Heaven!