Tuesday, May 26, 2009

We're baaaack!

We're home after a 21 hour door-to-door return trip. Since I slept from Philly to Phoenix, despite a sort of creepy guy from Syracuse sitting next to me, I suggested a quick night tour of Phoenix, taking in downtown, maybe one loop around on the light rail, margarita in Old Town Scottsdale, one fast drive up Camelback Mountain for the view and home by midnight - promise! But Heather (the ultimate trooper!) was my only taker, so we had to postpone it. Overall - FABULOUS trip!!! While it's impossible to "do" a city in one day, or even a year, for that matter, I feel like we got a real taste of Florence and Rome. We had more time in Barcelona and really got to know our way around (I even forgot my trusty, never go anywhere without it, Fodor's tour book our last day there and did fine anyway. My hope has always been to show Shana as many cities as possible before she doesn't want to travel with us anymore (we may be getting close), so now she's got a few more to think about. So we're back - nobody got lost (well, not for too long), nobody got hurt (except for a lot of sore feet) no missing bags or late planes and I think I still have a little money left over. So, time to plan the next adventure.

But first...the laundry. Or, here's a better idea, is anybody up for a sangria?


  1. i'm so confused -- when did you switch? and why didn't you pimp yourself like the good 'ho i've taught you to be???

  2. sorry, sorry, oh master - is there any space in next week's new times for a little blurb?

  3. i love your verve. where can i get some???????? also adore that pict of you two! she's got such a great look on her face as you smother her with love.