Friday, May 15, 2009

Lake Louise

What's that saying? A bad day at the lake is better than a good day at the office? My FWAB Louise, who has been crazy, busy and pretty much sleepless for over two years in a nursing program PASSED her hardest semester today and with only one more to go, was ready to hit Lake Pleasant. We wild women spent the day floating around (well, okay, I worked from 8 - 11 so I could really enjoy myself). The temp was close to three digits, but we didn't feel it. It was gorgeous, breezy - the water green and blue throughout the day, sailboats gliding by, water skiers and wave runners flying by and beautiful Blue Herons nesting on their island. We ate and drank and sang and laughed, laughed, laughed, laughed, laughed. It was hard to leave and go back to reality, especially as the sun set, the mountains turned pink and purple and the water turned dark. The night was cool and, keeping with tradition, we joined Louise and our adorable fisherman savior Henry (after he locked the rods in the rod locker) for the best hamburgers in town at local joint Wild Heart (?), complete with splashing waterdogs. We're heading back out in June.

Life is good.

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