Saturday, May 16, 2009

One medium, two smalls

Packing's hard. I have this weird fear that I'll get somewhere and not have enough to wear. I've been around and that's never happened. Ever. I usually never even get to the bottom of the suitcase full of clothes. So this is the trip where I'm changing. For three people and eights days, we've got one medium bag and two small bags (the kind that fit overhead in the plane). In the one small bag that we're rolling on, I've got one spare outfit for each of us (shoes included) - just in case, camera and camera charger, phone charger, all of the drugs that keep us going including lots of Lunesta, travel books, one huge, probably too huge, novel - The Story Of Edgar Sawtelle - that I've been trying to get to for a year, brand new Sudoku and crossword puzzle books, a surprise: cute new fuzzy aloe vera moisturizing socks for the girls (including the fabulous Heather that is accompanying Shana) and, as soon as I log off, the laptop.

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