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Shila and Keith

Jaye, mother of the beautiful bride, Mackenzie.

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Book Club

An American Marriage

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Sunday, September 16, 2018

Book Club - Stormy Weather

As Hurricane Florence pounded down on the Carolinas, the book club hit the mountains for our annual September slumber party in the pines at Jilly-B's. The book selection? Stormy Weather. I don't think anybody read it, but we were reminded how a weekend with the Divas is like a calm away from the storm, a little peace from the hurricanes of life, with only a few glances at reality here and there - a text from back home or the Weather Channel blinking in the background.
Pinetop Spritz on the porch, Apples To Apples on the sofa, free wine auction at Lion's Den, long walks in the woods, cheese, cheese, and more cheese, and a chance to catch up after a very long, stormy summer. 

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