Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Camp Dreamtree

Over, under, over, under, around, around, around. Over, under, over, under, around, around, around. That's what they said by the campfire with the soot, way back when, turning two sticks and long colorful strands of yarn into a God's Eye. But I never saw it - the eye of God - in my mismashed attempt at being crafty. Never got the kumbaya camp revelation, the let's-come-back-next-year-as-a-counselor urge, the need to ever again make another craft. Maybe if I could see. Over, under, over, under, around, around, around. See? You'll see it. The God's Eye.
But all I ever saw was soot.

There wasn't a speck of soot at Camp Dreamtree tonight - just lots of fun, creative people telling old camp stories around the fire.

Camp Dreamtree

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Wineday in San Luis Obispo!

Baileyana - just like Grassroots, the folks come early and often, have a glass, play some games, bring the family
Saucelito Canyon - the people, the wine, snuggling on the grass
Edna Valley Vineyard - go for the view
Wolff Vineyards - the patio, the sustainability, the cutie pooch

Hit the BEACH!!!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Castle and Coasters

Feel like a Princess, loving the Hearst Castle! This Hearst guy knew what he was doing*
A beautiful museum overlooking the gorgeous, preserved Pacific Ocean.
Cruising HWY 1.

Morrow Bay Morrow rock
Luna Red tapaps, craft cocktails
Diego's Umbrella - rocking out at the Concert in the Plaza
Luis Wine Bar - music and wine

*with regard to building a castle - not so sure about the whole combination of journalism, Hollywood and politics - sounds a lot like the in-the-news super fishy Murdoch Time/Warner takeover.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Wineday in Paso Robles!

Vina Robles - Big, beautiful, spotless - like Disneyland!
Eberle Winery - Run by an old football pro who showed us his breakfast - wine and Advil! Toured the caves.
Red Soles Winery - Young, hip, even Lemoncello, let's the vines grow bushy and wild.
J Dusi Wines -Fun, swingin' place run by a woman - educational

Pipestone Vinyards - Sustainable, no pesticides, grapes crushed by horses, family-run, feng shui, spent a long time with the owner, the best :)
Scored a few that we loved and, hopefully, still have enough to pay for the roof!!

Dinner at SLO Farmer's Market - quite the festivities! Corn!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

SLO Goin'

Thirty years with Shawn has flown by, time to slooowww things down, celebrate!
San Luis Obispo - SLO.
Beautiful little town surrounded by stunning mountains, look like they're covered in soft felt.
Trip to Pismo Beach, all cliffy, cool and calm, even what looked like Sugarplum trees.

Delicious farm-to-table dinner at Granada Bistro. I watched the chef prepare our cheese plate, taking such care with every movement and delivering it personally to us, like waving good-bye to his children as they go off to college, such pride. Everything else was just as perfect.

Stopped by Madonna Inn for a laugh, missed the waterfall urinal and Shawn ran away in fear,
but someday I'll definitely be back for a drink and slumber party with the girls.

Still need to check out some wineries, tour a castle.

Paso Robles - Best Wine Region of the year

Baileyana - Grassroots house chardonnay - yum

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Nighty Night

It's all my fault. 
I mean, who wouldn't want to spend as much time as possible snuggling this cutie? 
Read a bedtime story in the rocking chair
after a nice bath, then, stuffed animals all over the bed, surrounding us for nighty-night time?
It was always the favorite part of my day. I'd wait until Shana was sound asleep before tip-toeing out of her room. If she caught me, I'd get a poopy face and a "MMmmmoooommmyyy!" until I got back to her.
Every night. Until she was, like, eight, ruining her for good.

Now the kid can't go to sleep if she's alone in a house. So, on a weekend when both roomies and even her bf were off traveling for some summer family time, leaving her oh-so-alone,
Shana showed up on our doorstep.  
Two whole days, lots of snuggling.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Art Walk

Art Walk - Ohh, Summer Spectacular
Happy Hour
Happy Art
Look Both Ways
Love, love, love beating the heat with this artistic duo.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Raise The Roof

We got a little weather today - a hard-to-overlook haboob. Last time we had stormy weather around here was March and the only reason I remember that hard-to-overlook event was that was the day the roof started falling off.
Over the years we've had a small leak here and there, a post hail storm broken skylight, a bird's nest pushing out a corner tile, the flat roofed part stopped up in tree branches and pine needles and, finally, in March, the morning after the storm, the neon flashing sign of three broken tiles on the ground.

Time to raise the roof and, in my typical half-priced, half-assed manner, three weeks later, we're almost done.