Wednesday, July 16, 2014

SLO Goin'

Thirty years with Shawn has flown by, time to slooowww things down, celebrate!
San Luis Obispo - SLO.
Beautiful little town surrounded by stunning mountains, look like they're covered in soft felt.
Trip to Pismo Beach, all cliffy, cool and calm, even what looked like Sugarplum trees.

Delicious farm-to-table dinner at Granada Bistro. I watched the chef prepare our cheese plate, taking such care with every movement and delivering it personally to us, like waving good-bye to his children as they go off to college, such pride. Everything else was just as perfect.

Stopped by Madonna Inn for a laugh, missed the waterfall urinal and Shawn ran away in fear,
but someday I'll definitely be back for a drink and slumber party with the girls.

Still need to check out some wineries, tour a castle.

Paso Robles - Best Wine Region of the year

Baileyana - Grassroots house chardonnay - yum

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