Monday, April 27, 2015

Skirting the Issue

Flabby butt? Poochy belly? Spandex-ed camel toe?
Cover 'em up! 
At the beginning of the year, I got a couple of leggings for hiking/walking. I thought they would help me get out there, not be so depressed following the ladies on the on trails with their skin tight shorts  on. Or at they gym - have you seen the girls there lately? Geez, all sports bras and bikini bottoms. I suppose it may make me go faster on the treadmill, looking at their tiny tushes, but still.
Today I went full-on skirt, no legging attached and had my best pace yet, an under 10 minute kilometer. My random walk on the green belt sort of looks like a soccer player!
Woo Hoo. Maybe it was all that freedom under the skirt, no material slowing me down, slicing through the air like a knife, all while getting ready for an upcoming 10K - 10K B4 50 - since the last 5K went so well.
Saturday, May 30
FroYo - benefitting the Phoenix Children's Hospital

Girls in Tech

Buyer and Cellar

M. B. A.*

*My BadAss kiddie is getting her Master's Degree!!!!! OMG! Shana has worked her tush off for the past two years, getting to University of Phoenix on Tuesday nights, meeting with team members to do homework, researching, studying, giving up dozens of happy hours to just plow through and get it DONE. Smarty Pants. I'm so proud of her.

Commencement Saturday, May 2nd 
University of Phoenix Stadium
10:00 am

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Old Wildcat and a Tree of Life

It's been a year since we said good-bye to Old Wildcat. I miss him. I went to a beautiful place in my neighborhood and dedicated a tree, a Chilean Mesquite, that will soon take root and grow strong under the Arizona sun, sort of like Old Wildcat did.
Little Bridgette the goat will run around underneath the tree.

5K B4 50


Bucket List item: do a marathon (or a 5K run/walk before I'm 50). Here's one for a good cause.
April 18th at 7am.


Thursday, April 16, 2015

Johnny Be Good

Johnny Boyd at The Rhythm Room
It's always such fun to see the old gang, even some new members of the old gang showed up. Snazzy, swingy Johnny Boyd had the place hoppin'!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Paper and Plastic

I was ecstatic when quaint, artsy, spooky little Bisbee, Arizona banned plastic bags several months ago. I almost shouted out this morning when I glanced over the headlines and saw that our brand new governor banned those nasty things in all of Arizona. Wow! Way to go! He got off to a bad start this year by immediately cutting education funds and increasing something to do with prisons. I'm not paying attention. I've also vowed not to read any articles about the 2016 race until at least 2016. But then I read the whole plastic bag article. Mr. Ducey actually banned me. Shoved a plastic bag right down my throat. He banned all of Arizonans from even thinking about banning plastic bags, made it illegal. Aren't there more important things for him to be doing? How much paper did some donor give him for him to choose plastic?

Sunday, April 12, 2015

I do, still!

After fifty eight years, these cool cats, George and Edie Sullivan, are renewing their vows, telling the world, or at least our little piece of Arizona, that they've still got it! Still in love and ready for many more adventures together.
Shana the beautiful flower girl and sweet Scott.

Friday, April 10, 2015


Now I know why Barry sent Mandy away. 
I just got the news that Barry's gay. I suppose if I had cared one way or the other or spent a minute thinking about it, I would have figured it out, but it wouldn't have changed anything. I would still have my little 70s crush on him. I found out Elton John was gay before I even knew what that was. Even with all that's happening in Indiana and Alabama recently, it still didn't occur to me that people would be bothered. Not Barry's true fans. It made me sad that he thought he had to live in the closet for decades out of fear. But then I went to his Facebook page and saw a mutual "friend" also "likes" him, an aunt on Shawn's side that nobody really speaks with anymore. I'm pretty sure she would spit on Barry if she found out, then unfriend him, maybe impacting his bottom line, after he came and he gave without taking. Who needs friends like that anyway? 

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Austin Mama

Signed up for the Austin F1
to see our 2014 Champion, Lewis Hamilton

Men's Health (check out the video)

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Sunshine and (no)Whine

The sun shifted today. I can always tell when it hits my kitchen window in the afternoon, since it glides on past all winter long. No whining all summer. Starting today. Which is sort of whining.