Friday, April 10, 2015


Now I know why Barry sent Mandy away. 
I just got the news that Barry's gay. I suppose if I had cared one way or the other or spent a minute thinking about it, I would have figured it out, but it wouldn't have changed anything. I would still have my little 70s crush on him. I found out Elton John was gay before I even knew what that was. Even with all that's happening in Indiana and Alabama recently, it still didn't occur to me that people would be bothered. Not Barry's true fans. It made me sad that he thought he had to live in the closet for decades out of fear. But then I went to his Facebook page and saw a mutual "friend" also "likes" him, an aunt on Shawn's side that nobody really speaks with anymore. I'm pretty sure she would spit on Barry if she found out, then unfriend him, maybe impacting his bottom line, after he came and he gave without taking. Who needs friends like that anyway? 

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