Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Paper and Plastic

I was ecstatic when quaint, artsy, spooky little Bisbee, Arizona banned plastic bags several months ago. I almost shouted out this morning when I glanced over the headlines and saw that our brand new governor banned those nasty things in all of Arizona. Wow! Way to go! He got off to a bad start this year by immediately cutting education funds and increasing something to do with prisons. I'm not paying attention. I've also vowed not to read any articles about the 2016 race until at least 2016. But then I read the whole plastic bag article. Mr. Ducey actually banned me. Shoved a plastic bag right down my throat. He banned all of Arizonans from even thinking about banning plastic bags, made it illegal. Aren't there more important things for him to be doing? How much paper did some donor give him for him to choose plastic?

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