Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday Drive

No, Santa didn't bring Shawn a Ferrari, just a few times around a track in one.
Sunday drive at Firebird Raceway...
 photo DRI_zps376b5bc9.jpg
Ready to take off
 photo IMG_3053_zps45ba213b.jpg
Me, adding a little estrogen, in the convertible pace car
 photo LL_zps4b63bc72.jpg
(we won)

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Book Club - Rules of Civility

 photo 10054335_zps2c73cf7e.jpg
Rules never work out very well for the book, for instance, our new one this month: first half of the alphabet Divas - bring a bottle of wine to share. Seems civilized, I guess. But none of those A through M people followed directions, so the wine in my S for Sullivan glass ran out after just one serving. Whine, whine, whine. But the fun didn't run out. After the catching up on kids and partners, holidays and scatalogically embarrassing moments (ask Dr. Jaye), we jumped into a wild game of Cards Against Humanity. OMG. It's sssoooooo bad. So bad. Had us laughing for hours, even laughing as I drove home, where I, apparently, made a too wide right turn, touching my left tires on a yellow line, according to Mr.-Nice-11:00pm-where'd-he-come-from?-Scottsdale-Police-officer. Rules of Civility in action. I tried not think about the "It has to be the assless chaps" game card and stopped laughing. We chatted. He looked me up on the computer. Asked if I had a gun. Made sure I was just a nice, neighborhood girl and sent me home with a reminder to follow the rules. Like don't touch the yellow line. And bring a bottle of wine to share.

Or not.

More books from this month

fb message from Shana...

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Movie Madness, something different: At Middleton

 photo AtMiddleton_Psm_zps1dda78ef.jpg
It's like I was in the blizzard in NY at the NY Film Critics Series showing of At Middleton, 
 surrounded by Andy Garcia, Vera Farminga and others around the country as we all watched the movie, a quiet (kinda slow) film about a couple coming together. There was a great introduction and, later, interviews and inside scoop information.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Women Who Rock

 photo 33-homepage-wwr_zps5466aed7.jpg
Let's hear it for the girls. Rockin' exhibit at The MIM. The memories, the sounds, the Lady Gaga meat dress.

Friday, January 17, 2014


 photo ste_zps101a3edd.jpg
The steam engine, tesla energy - lots of imaginative stuff at the Scottsdale Civic Center Library.
Here's a cool Steampunk Metro station in Paris
 photo artsandmetiers_zps4ef74d13.jpg

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Art Walk

 photo smoca-shot-exterior_zpsfd89cbe2.jpg
Ohhh - Art Walk turned into date night! Lots of fellows turned up to join in the fun Eddie's Happy Hour - tea shopping, Christmas in Peru, say yes to the alpaca dress, old Arcadians, 400-something days to retirement, one more tour of duty and some cool art. Happy Thursday.

Journey to The Gladly

 photo NorthernPacificTrainGeorgeMWeister1900-500_zpse167ac58.jpg
Old Wildcat opened his front door and walked about three blocks on a beautiful morning. Shana hopped in an elevator, rode down seven floors and zig zagged on the sidewalk around three buildings. I turned the ignition key in my car and burned about a half gallon of gas from my hood to The Gladly. We've got a long family history of ancestors sacrificing everything, struggling across continents, oceans, countries so we could come together and enjoy an easy Old Wildcat birthday lunch.

Thanks everyone.
Happy Birthday, Dad :)
It's all about the journey..

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Vroom Vroom...

 photo Bugatti_Veyron_164_ndash_Frontansicht_1_5_April_2012_Duumlsseldorf_zps7cb7d870.jpg
I'm pretty sure the valet was salivating when I pulled up in my sweet Honda Civic, almost new, sort of still clean from Saturday's run through the car wash. He probably wondered why it wasn't up on the auction block, since it's such a rare find. But I handed him some cash and went on in anyway with car freak hubby to ogle at some other pretty ponies, talk to some peeps and listen to the fast-talking auctioneer, blowing through the dollars as shiny wheels drove over the stage.

Your Mama Don't Dance and Your Daddy Don't Rock 'n Roll

Oh, yes we do..

Friday, January 10, 2014

Back to the Roots

 photo cater_zps7fa3403d.jpg
Back to Grassroots - Laurel's back with Leslie and Jo - Social Hour down the street - Sweet!

Upcoming - Equivocation

Some Shakespeare at the Mesa Arts Center

Sunday, January 5, 2014


 photo _shwgrphc_XANA_rm_zps6468a690.jpg
Go ahead, laugh if you want, but the 80s rocked. Parachute pants, shoulder pads and six inch high hair? Come on. Mashed up with an actual plot, talented actors, lots of singing, dancing and roller skating and Xanadu was a blast!
 Arizona Theatre Company

Friday, January 3, 2014

First Friday - Read

 photo eve_mason_tgf_123013_zps9e634d67.jpg
Long before I read the last page of The Goldfinch, I decided I needed more art in my life. I even thought about going to see the actual inspiration, the little birdie itself, by Dutch artist Fabritius and hunted it down at The Frick in New York, where it will be for a couple more weeks. After checking Travelocity, my schedule and the weather report, I decided instead to send in my surrogate eyes in NY, aka Amy, to view it with the throngs of book clubbers while I stayed warm and local.
Phoenix Art Museum

Saw some Picassos, this eerie
Frida Kahlo piece, which, after being missing for decades, showed up on the doorstep of the Phoenix Art Museum,
 photo 220px-Suicide_of_Dorothy_Hale_zpse436753f.jpg
listened to a lively concert,
 photo conc_zpsf9c202c6.jpg
and got to know what a real bad ass Madeleine Albright really is in this must-see exhibit - talk about inspiration -
 photo index_zpsed1586d0.png
better watch out if she's wearing a bee brooch...
 photo bee_zpsf4e6c307.jpg