Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Book Club - Rules of Civility

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Rules never work out very well for the book, for instance, our new one this month: first half of the alphabet Divas - bring a bottle of wine to share. Seems civilized, I guess. But none of those A through M people followed directions, so the wine in my S for Sullivan glass ran out after just one serving. Whine, whine, whine. But the fun didn't run out. After the catching up on kids and partners, holidays and scatalogically embarrassing moments (ask Dr. Jaye), we jumped into a wild game of Cards Against Humanity. OMG. It's sssoooooo bad. So bad. Had us laughing for hours, even laughing as I drove home, where I, apparently, made a too wide right turn, touching my left tires on a yellow line, according to Mr.-Nice-11:00pm-where'd-he-come-from?-Scottsdale-Police-officer. Rules of Civility in action. I tried not think about the "It has to be the assless chaps" game card and stopped laughing. We chatted. He looked me up on the computer. Asked if I had a gun. Made sure I was just a nice, neighborhood girl and sent me home with a reminder to follow the rules. Like don't touch the yellow line. And bring a bottle of wine to share.

Or not.

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