Friday, January 3, 2014

First Friday - Read

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Long before I read the last page of The Goldfinch, I decided I needed more art in my life. I even thought about going to see the actual inspiration, the little birdie itself, by Dutch artist Fabritius and hunted it down at The Frick in New York, where it will be for a couple more weeks. After checking Travelocity, my schedule and the weather report, I decided instead to send in my surrogate eyes in NY, aka Amy, to view it with the throngs of book clubbers while I stayed warm and local.
Phoenix Art Museum

Saw some Picassos, this eerie
Frida Kahlo piece, which, after being missing for decades, showed up on the doorstep of the Phoenix Art Museum,
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listened to a lively concert,
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and got to know what a real bad ass Madeleine Albright really is in this must-see exhibit - talk about inspiration -
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better watch out if she's wearing a bee brooch...
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