Thursday, July 17, 2014

Wineday in Paso Robles!

Vina Robles - Big, beautiful, spotless - like Disneyland!
Eberle Winery - Run by an old football pro who showed us his breakfast - wine and Advil! Toured the caves.
Red Soles Winery - Young, hip, even Lemoncello, let's the vines grow bushy and wild.
J Dusi Wines -Fun, swingin' place run by a woman - educational

Pipestone Vinyards - Sustainable, no pesticides, grapes crushed by horses, family-run, feng shui, spent a long time with the owner, the best :)
Scored a few that we loved and, hopefully, still have enough to pay for the roof!!

Dinner at SLO Farmer's Market - quite the festivities! Corn!!

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