Tuesday, May 12, 2009

up, up and away

We are heading out of town on Sunday - WAY out of town. Barcelona, Cannes (the film festival is in town!), Florence, Pisa and Rome!!!

First up is a five night cruise

leaving from Barcelona. We've been on Royal Caribbean before and it's seems like a good ship for where we are in our lives now. Everybody can do whatever they want whenever they want. They have tons of stuff going on, or you can just gaze out over the water. Shana always takes a friend whenever we go anywhere (rent-a-kid for the only child - makes everybody's lives easier) and they always make new friends - there's even an ice skating rink on this ship!

We'll end up in Barcelona and stay there for another two nights

at this cool hotel right on Las Ramblas, the main drag in Barcelona.
And, get this (and I'm NOT complaining about our lovely desert oasis) the temps are in the 65 - 75 range...nice!!

It's going to be a whirlwind, but we want to give Shana a little taste of the world, adding to her "been there, done that" list, before she doesn't want to hang out with us anymore.

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  1. have oodles of fun!! barcelona is so flipping cool. im jealous!