Sunday, May 24, 2009

Barcelona - Day Two!!

I could live here! They say that every day in Barcelona is like New Year's Eve and it's true. These guys know how to live each day like it's a party -love it! Shana's twelve or so years of Spanish have come in handy and she's been talking up a storm with the locals, making sure we don't stay lost for too long. We had a big day! Here's what we saw: Gaudi's incredible Parc Guell, Miro Foundation, a few palaces, a couple of universities, the football (soccer!) stadium, the Olympic Stadium, the marina, the Columbus statue, the beach, the Erotica Museum (hey...when in Barcelona, right!), Palau Guell and so much more. It's still a blur!! We had perfect espresso and baguettes for breakfast and a great tapas lunch and lots and lots of sangria!

Home manana - too bad!

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