Friday, May 22, 2009


Tomorrow’s an “at sea” day – no ports, no excursions, no wake up calls, so we were ready to paartay tonight!!! We had the whole gang together at dinner for the first time and the waiter was overjoyed! He even did a pretty impressive physics trick after dessert with a wine bottle, two toothpicks, two forks and a little luck. Nana and I did a little shopping and gambling. I headed back to the room to discover that the ship was heading back to port after about three hours at sea! Apparently, there was a medical emergency, so we hit the pier, rolled some guy off the gangway into a waiting ambulance and took off right away. It was nice to know we’re in good hands. Shana, Heather and I went to the dancing with the stars-like show in the theater - great moves and voices, then moved to the Love and Marriage game show with real live couples competing – hilarious!!! We walked by the midnight buffet, complete with ice carvings and Salsa Under The Stars dancing by the pool. Busy day. Those Romans have got nothing on us.

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