Monday, May 18, 2009

We're Here!!!

Shawn dropped us off at the airport and somehow got lost trying to park the car. I don't know about him. But, other than that, the trip across the pond was uneventful. Barcelona is gorgeous. We checked on to the ship a little early and headed straight for the buffett!!! The ship is incredible - ice skating rink, pools, pools, pools, a massive Promanade mall (I know, I know, not another mall - but it's sort of festive), and our rooms are great, big balcony and a nice bottle of wine from the travel agent. At least 80% of our fellow travelers are not American, so it's been fun to listen to all the great accents. We've got to "muster" for the life preserver drill in a bit, so I'm off. Tomorrow's France!!


  1. have fun! so jealous. loving your posts by the way. keep em coming. im so feeling your 'theonlyonewhoreadanything' vibe. my people are all letsjustseewhathappens types.

    have fun in france!