Friday, May 22, 2009

Sea Day!

Most of us slept right through breakfast (skipping a meal on a cruise is like geting out of Costco for under $100 - totally unacceptable). But, the whole gang managed to make it to the same table for a great lunch with an incredible view - ocean all around. We went up to the bridge to see the back of the guy steering the ship, pretty cool. Shawn and I did a little shopping and then went to the art auction. There was an original Chagall - beautiful, too bad we had to let it go. Shawn decided a nap would be good and uttered "mmm...vacation :) :)" as he dozed off and I met up with the bronzed beauties Shana and Heather for a few hours by the pool - windy, cool, reggae band is still good.


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  1. Thanks, Lisa. This is almost as good as being there. Watch out for football nuts in Barcelona.