Wednesday, May 13, 2009

One semester, two semester

What a difference a few months makes. When Shawn and I took Shana down to Tucson for her freshman year in August, we were on top of it. Totally organized. Everything was packed in it's shiny new box and put just so in the car. Back then, we were at one with the other parents, becoming fast friends. We passed each other knowing glances as we took trip after trip to the car and to Target and to the hotel. We were anxious together in the orientation meetings, wondering if all of our babies would be ok sleeping in these tiny rooms so far away  (well, ok, not so far away, but still) from home. The kids looked at all the new faces nervously, somewhat disoriented, maybe even a little nauseous. We carefully unpacked, assembled and decorated. We fluffed, cleaned and Febreezed. I even covered up the urinals in the bathroom with Shana's roommate's mom (my new BFF).

Today was a little different. Shana and I threw everything in big garbage bags and shoved them unceremoniously in the car, barely getting the doors to shut. I grunted at the other parents, uttering an occasional, "Wow, the year sure went fast" or "Hi, how are ya?" Shana vacuumed her room for the first time all year (after I picked up wayward Fruit Loops and at least six little packets of red pepper flakes that had dropped out of pizza boxes).

What a difference. We've come a long way. No more crying all the time. Maybe it's because Shana had a good year. As she said goodbye to all of her new friends and as we walked around campus, I realized that she's good. She's ok. She owns the place now. Wow, the year sure went fast.

I'm not gonna cry...I'm not gonna cry...

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  1. So nice to remember when my life could fit into garbage bags and be stuffed in a car. Those were the days!