Thursday, February 4, 2010


Watch out. Busted twice in the same day. First I get an email from adorable friend, Ronnie, who started a new career recently as a ---- Consultant. I'm hosting a party to show off some her fabulous ---- clothes at my house on Wednesday at 6:30 and thought it would be fun to get the info out to the massive number of people out there who read my blog (two, maybe three). The Big Brother Officers at the ---- Corporation swooped in and said, "TAKE IT DOWN! NOW! RIGHT NOW! Who knew? Then later, I got a message from Harkins Theatre. They spotted my blog, as well. They're always watching out, too, trying to catch a bad review or a sticky theatre floor comment before it gets out of hand. I thought I was in big trouble again, but they said, "It's ok, it's ok, keep it up." Thanks, Dan, but you over there at ----, quit scaring me.


  1. Now you can't be a federal judge. Ambassador, maybe....