Sunday, February 14, 2010


Total tourists!

What a beautiful city! Stockholm is made up of hundreds of islands. The main ones are full of gorgeous buildings, amazing architecture and history. The city is bustling in the shopping areas, the people are friendly, landscape incredibly lush, long, thick grass and tree-lined streets. We took a bus tour followed by a cruise around the larger islands. A large percentage of the citizens own boats and they are everywhere. Following our tour, yours truly took over. We had lunch is a great cafe in a far off suburb, surrounded by fantastic modern houses and young families.
Water, water everywhere
We all agreed that we could definitely live there, so clean and hip. Much to the dismay of my sheep, we took the city bus to get a little local flavor. We jumped off a few stops into the trip at a fabulous square - farmer's market, locals sitting on the steps of a museum eating lunch and enjoying the incredible weather. the girls shopped a little, found an H & M store (they were thrilled) and then we headed down a street with a very large city feel. Stockholm is amazing - we had a great day.

Tomorrow we'll be in Helsinki, Finland.

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