Saturday, February 27, 2010

Big Foot

I used to be a ten and that was hard enough. Then I had Shana, my feet permanently swelled, and now I'm an eleven. That's right, eleven. So walking around Macy's today with $35 still left on a Christmas gift card that I knew I had to either spend fast or lose forever, I ventured into the shoe department. I'm not a big shopper. Malls make me kind of crazy, especially Saturday malls. And the sale rack in the shoe department on a Saturday with a thousand ladies hovering, please. But I found a shoe. One shoe. Gold straps and black bottom. Big buckle. Heel hollowed out just to make it even uglier. The only shoe in my size. But it just wasn't me. Maybe I'll go back tomorrow and take a picture. I'm sure it will still be there. I made sure my gift card was secure in my wallet and left. 


  1. So did you ask them to go find the mate and they just looked at you in horror? Anyway - no matter the size of anything, don't buy what you don't like!

  2. I hope you inherited more than my feet.

  3. well, what about my dry wit, sparkling personality and love of pistachios?