Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sea Day 1

The sun goes down late, like after 10, once we get to Russia, it won't go down at all

Wow - what a day! We ran around all afternoon, did a little napping and socializing, even dragged the girls to a LECTURE on our upcoming ports (poor kids), then got dressed and had a great dinner overlooking the sea - we even spotted some land off in the distance.
Oh, the joy - love seeing them read!
We had an amazing sunset at 10:30pm (somewhat clouded by tequilla and cigar smoke), but one of the prettiest I've ever seen. Did I mention that a lovely man said that Megan and I looked like sisters!
On the ship, rockclimbing
We need to get up pretty eary since we are heading through the Oslo fjords around 6am. We have a half day tour in the morning, then Shawn is in charge of the rest of the day. He has fond memories of his time in Oslo during his Navy days.

Until tomorrow...

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