Sunday, February 21, 2010

Walking with the Dinosaurs

Watch out! The dinosaurs are back! Shawn, Shana, Jordan and I got out alive, but just barely. The Tucson arena was transformed into prehistoric times. We went back millions of years and watched as some incredible animals walked right in front of us. My jaw was hanging open the whole time. It was like being at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History and watching all of those guys get down off their exhibits and start walking around. The animatronic life-sized dinosaurs were truly life-like. They walked, moved, ate, fought, flew, played and you could even see them breathing. We went through different time periods and different species as they evolved. It's difficult to imagine, check out the web site. But be careful!

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  1. My first reaction was, "Oh, my dino-obsessed son would love that!" And then I thought back to our recent trip to Disney World during which he was frightened of all things animatronic. Maybe I'll have to hold off until he's a bit older! :)