Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Birthday Lunch with Dad

Better late than never birthday lunch with Dad. January got away from us since dear, not so old, Dad left town for a trip, so we finally caught up at the fairly new St. Francis stfrancis. It's an old architectual firm in CenPho (cool lingo for Central Phoenix) transformed into hip neighborhood place. I must have driven by the building a thousand times over the years and never noticed it. These days it's pretty funky with an open patio, cool dining room, great people (even surprise visitors Susan and Amy Si. - check ot her review(blogs.phoenixnewtimes) and the food - incredible. I had a shredded summer squash with tomato pesto sandwich and Dad had the Business Lunch - citrus salad and flat iron steak. But apparently it's the pork stew that was the most popular item - as dish after dish of that kept coming out of the wood fire oven. We sat at the bar overlooking the kitchen and took in a great show. Lots of activity as unique, fresh ingredients were thrown together for some tasty bites. There was even a bag of cookies all tied up in string that appeared at the end. Yum! Another year down. We reviewed the past - the good family genes, the maybe over-the-top Obama expectations and the negatives about blogging (your father may find out you smoked in high school, it was maybe three cigarettes, not even whole ones and I never inhaled). On to the next year - more lunches, more walking, not so many cookies.

Well, we can start with the cookie thing tomorrow...


  1. Don't spare the high school revelations. The statute of limitations has run. I can take it--as long as there are cookies.

  2. Lisa, I'm sure he is so pleased to have a daughter like you! I'll have to try that restaurant; sounds good!