Sunday, February 14, 2010

2007 Baltic Sea Cruise!

All dressed up with Shawn, Shana and BFF Megan

Nana and Papa are taking a Baltic Sea cruise like we did a few years ago and I realized I never made an album. And it was pre-blog. So I unearthed some old emails I sent back home and here goes.

We are on the ship and having a fabulous time! We fell asleep in Chicago and woke up in London. Our coach drove us through the beautiful English countryside past little cottages surrounded by acres and acres of lavender - not a bad way to spend the morning! Our ship is gorgeous, the cabins great, food's delicious and the water is magnificent! We are still learning our way around.
Looking down into the center of the ship
Tonight is our first Formal Night, so watch out boys!! Shana and Megan have made some new friends with their own ilk at the disco called Fuel. Megan and I went to a yoga class this morning. The ship was rocking a little so I couldn't hold my tree pose for very long (my first official excuse!). We'll be in Oslo tomorrow.
Three thousand people and I've got the place to myself

Time for bed.
I'll check back later.

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