Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Blogging seems to be a lot like online dating. Everyone has a little profile. Here's where I went to school. Here's where I work. Here are my cute kids and my nice hubby. Here's something pithy I just thought about. Here's some of the fun stuff I did. 5' something, 100-something pounds (in the Photoshopped pic), just looking for some winks, some clicks, some comments, some followers. But why? I never wrote in a diary for more than a week, but the blog has gone on for a few years now. I can look back and see stuff I am sure would have been long forgotten. But it's only the good stuff, isn't it? Is that ok? Looking for a long-term relationship. Nonsmoker. Social drinker. Put on a happy face. Go to Publish Post. Click.


  1. I've gotten a little hooked on mine. I have no idea why. And I would miss yours if you stopped writing it.

  2. it's the new polite dinner conversation, only you don't have to wear your best dress or listen to the annoying guy from across the street. keep publishing post kay?