Saturday, February 20, 2010

Roller Girl

What a bout! Who needs the Olympics? We had a front row seat as the black fishnet stockinged, purple tu-tued Brawlerinas took on the tubed socked, short, short baseball skirted Bad News Beaters. Shawn's patient, usually the lovely Alicia, transformed into Jessie Dahmer as a Blocker on the Beaters team. She presented Shawn with a baseball autographed by the team, including Jugs Bunny, Dazed and Confused, Sigmond Droid and the coach, Poka Hi Ness. The girls roller skated, brawled, taunted and whipped it around and around the track for a great game as we cheered them on for a totally out of our bubble, definitely one for the memory books, dash experience.

After-bout din din at the Yard House. A little ale, yummy food, the Grand Prix in Montreal to the Grand Slam at Denny's during free breakfast days - those older folks just drop like flies off the bar stools. Then Superman Shawn, used to patching up Alicia (uh, Jessie) after her rough bouts spotted a waiter go down in the darkness with his x-ray vision, donned his cape, flying through the air with the greatest of ease (well, after Carla moved) to patch up yet another life, adding even more excitement to our never boring lives.

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