Monday, February 1, 2010


I met a cool guy the other day, Tony
lightrailblogger. He lives and works downtown and gave up his car over a year ago and just takes the light rail to get around. How cool is that? I thought, now why can't I do something cool like that? Sometimes I feel so uncool. I get stuck in my little bubble. I live in a cookie-cutter, Taco Bell red-roofed house in the suburbs, pulling into my garage at the end of the day and closing the door behind me, never really mingling with the people. Well, I know, I do get out, I do do a lot of fun stuff. But Tony reminded me how cool downtown can be. So Shawn and I drove my non-hybrid, but at least it's Japanese, car down that way for a cool day. We stopped at way cool "downtown" Arcadia joint, The Vig, for lunch, then to it's been there for over ten years but I haven't, The Japanese Tea Garden. Beautiful retreat in the middle of the city. We drove around cool downtown, loooking at all of the hip new buildings, the cool new ASU campus with actual real people that actually live there walking around on a Sunday afternoon. Then north to The Phoenix Art Museum for another stroll before seeing a great play with the cool downtown folks - gay, straight, young, not so young, totally hip, definitely not Scottsdale, not a single tall, blonde, booby, Botoxed babe in the place, just real. Real cool.

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  1. Okay, you're right. I have to do that.
    I guess it's time for you to go live in a high-rise condo!