Monday, February 15, 2010

Sophie Sullivan

Sophie Only Seems Sad

I was a little scared when I first saw her. Weird colors. Weird hair. Droopy eye. Giraffe neck. But after awhile I took a new look. I stepped back. The colors that I usually hate somehow started to work, they made sense, even became beautiful. Then I sort of covered up her forehead and saw my sister around the eyes, mouth. I could never find a picture of Amy that looks like Sophie, but if I asked somebody to paint a picture of her, I would want it to capture that. Then I had a nice talk with the artist Such a nice guy. He recently went through whatever it is people go through when they hit 50 and stopped doing things for everybody else, stopped painting things just to match the sofa, started to paint outside the lines. I can appreciate that. I looked at Sophie again. I have bad hair days. My right eye droops a bit, too. Nice guy, Brad, brought Sophie over to my house for a little visit to see if she liked the place. I moved her around, to this wall and that. We have mostly modern, pretty abstract art, nothing like this. No faces to stare at us. Too creepy.  But instead of creeping me out, she seems to put a new spin on the place. Thanks, Sophie.

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  1. Lisa, I LOVE it! Really, it's a masterpiece! I'm clicking on his link now. And sometimes a midlife crisis is good (50 here I come!).