Friday, February 5, 2010

Urinetown at Chaparral

It's a privilege to pee!

What fun to get back in the high school swing of things. Pre-theater Sullivan/Spence mother-daughter double date din din at old hangout CPK, then to the brand new Chaparral Auditorium (well, the front half, at least and it looks great!).

Great production of Urinetown, the direction, the cast, the voices - incredible. Petite ya ya Chelsea was in it (perfect!) and it was good to watch Shana as she pointed out all of the peeps she knew.

Firebirds Rule!


  1. My son is going to be a Firebird in the Fall, Lisa! Maybe I'll get some tickets.

  2. I'm all for long, stress-free transitions - it would be a great way for Bar Mitzvahzilla to learn his way around!