Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Down to only one car between the two of us since Shawn still can't decide between yellow or red, I  ran out of the house early, half dressed and without any caffeine to take him to work. After the drop-off was complete, I fumbled my cell phone into the always right next to me big cup of water. I caught it before it fully plunged in, but the damage was done. It started blinking. Then it said "GOODBYE." Not the regular "Goodbye" like when I just turn it off, but "GOODBYE." About twenty minutes later "AT & T" appeared on the screen for about a minute, then black. I am getting all kinds of advice. Don't tell anybody it got wet, just say you lost it. Or put it on top of a lamp to dry it out. Or blow dry it. No, no, no - put it in a bunch of white rice, that always works. I eventually made it full circle back to the office where carless Shawn took it apart, dried it off, put it back together and the thing came on. Amazing. Then it went dead again. Shorted out battery, according to techno nerd. I'm going to stop and get some rice on the way home just in case.


  1. I'm sure people come in the phone store all day long with drenched phones and rice stuck to them... But, honestly, how long can you live without it?

  2. I was getting pretty antsy thinking about all of those lost phone numbers - but after a nice warming up and an all night charge, it's back! Thank God!