Monday, February 8, 2010

Gory Gotham

Gotham's a scary place. It might be more fun to have Batman swoop in and carry me off, but in a stupid New Year's Resolution effort to learn how to write, I signed up for an online course at Gotham, a cool writing school in NY. These people are brutal. I've got two more days to submit my homework (for 10 minutes, without stopping, write down every person you know, then pick the worst one and write something coherent in 500 words or less, and, oh yeah, say something nice, too). I was going to pick Dubya, but decided to go a little closer to home (and, no, no, it's not you). Once I'm done with that I'm supposed to throw in one of my many projects I have just sitting around, up to 3,700 words. Except I don't have a project. 3,700 words? By Wednesday? At least the ex-Pres couldn't do it, either.


  1. THAT's your homework? Oh my god! I like the first exercise because those little exercises can be fun, but the second - youch. My last Memoir class we had to turn in 5000 words each for the first two booths and then 2500 for the last. It was brutal. And being on Arizona time was no help. All my stuff went in late!

  2. Wow - Memoir I? We only have to go in the booth twice, thank God. You know, this is all your fault, by the way, so thanks!!!!!