Monday, February 15, 2010

The Standing Ovation

And the crowd went wild! I love to start a standing ovation. People may look at you at first like you're strange, but after a minute or so when the rest of the place stands up, you feel like you can take the credit. It's really fun if you're in the front. I've been up close at Gammage with Shana a few times and it was like we started the wave. Last night at the opera we were up close and I hauled Shawn to his feet with me. I could just feel the guy next to me thinking, oh, great, here we go, but pretty soon, the whole place was up. It's even fun at the smaller places, like the Phoenix Little Theatre where we've been hanging out a lot lately (thanks to The performance doesn't even have to be the greatest ever, just even ok is good enough. You have to stand up eventually anyway, right? So why not give the hard working actors a little love? Come on, up, up, up.


  1. How lovely, Lisa, and how wonderful for the actors. If I ever give a reading, you're there, okay? Front row? :)

  2. So you're the one.