Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bean - oh

I couldn't stop thinking about the pinto beans I had for lunch, so when I got to yoga and Mary asked us to set some kind of integrated mind/body intention for the class, all I could come up with was please let me get through the next hour so that the rest of the class isn't also thinking about the pinto beans I had for lunch. It took a lot of concentration, but something great happened. Tonight was the first time I made it through the balancing part, both sides, without cheating, holding a wall, starting over and pretending I didn't or flat out falling down. Both sides. I'm not saying it was perfect. I'm not saying it was pretty. But I was up.

It must have been all that gas.


  1. Congratulations on strenghtening your core. It was not the gas!

  2. Have I told you the story about silent gas?

  3. I don't remember that one, how does it go?