Friday, February 19, 2010

Go USA!!

I'm a day behind. I woke up to this photo and I can't wait to see this guy in Olympic action. It started with the opening ceremonies. I had something to do that night, so I DVR'd it. When I sat down the next day to watch it, I was fast forwarding through most of it. First of all, the commercials. Yeah, some of them are good, not Superbowl good, but good. But it seems like NBC is trying to pay for the entire two years of broadcasting until the next Olympics in just a couple of weeks. So last night I watched Vonn win the downhill skiing Gold medal. It was so exciting. She looked like she was even favoring one leg most of the time since her shin was hurting. She cried at the end. I cried at the end. Shawn gave me one of those looks. But since I'm a day behind, I knew that she was going to win. Same with Shaun White. It makes watching so much easier. I can sit back and relax and know that they're not going to fall. A perfect world.

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