Friday, February 26, 2010

Got barstool?

Lipstick Call with the ladies. We picked up somebody new at the bar. A lady. She was alone and had some extra bar stools. Our requirement for friendship is oh so low. Did the catch up, told her our shortened life stories, she told me hers. In the online dating mode, new possibility with a guy that works at Casino Arizona, don't sleep with anybody until at least the fifth date, went to see It's Complicated with her ex-husband's new wife, gotta go now, on the prowl - Keirland, then Handlebar J's. Good luck, new friend. Old friends - same - kids with hormones and senioritis, moms with no hormones and ready to graduate, too - to retirement, the new trainer guy with a couple of degrees and a beard, the long lost cousins from the wrong side of the track in town, the New Lulu white pants, the Diva about to move away so she says yes, yes, yes, yes to everything - just trying to stock up. She knows we're lucky. She knows it's hard to find a good group, knows it's hard to be surrounded by empty bar stools.