Thursday, June 25, 2009


Who is this guy? Why does he think he is so different from all of those other guys that came before him? Crying in Argentina??? Shut up! Is he apologizing on national television to his loving wife and amazing children just because he got caught? If you know that your spouse and your children probably don't want you to sleep with somebody else, then don't, or get a divorce, get separated, because you're going to get caught. And what's with all the Christian stuff? Crying in Argentina? Come on. It's always the lying that will get you in the end. Jon Stewart said he's just another guy with a conservative mind and a liberal penis (Fox News even identified him as a Democrat, just like they did with that guy that had sex with the male interns - always so fair and balanced). At least his loving wife sent him out there by himself, letting him squirm all alone.

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  1. Totally with you on this one. And really, who cares where he puts it. I am so sick of them all, Republican, Democrat, whatever. I pretty much expect the politicians to be cheaters.