Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I am that

Yoga tonight. I am that. Or if you say it over and over again it turns into That I am - thatiamthatiamthatiamthatiam.
Tonight I was not the slithery, graceful, peaceful yogi Mary was expecting me to be. Tonight I was the one that drank too much and ate too much and celebrated her birthday too much for much too long and just wanted to lay on the mat too much. But as the music played and what looked like a monsoon came over the mountains and as I slugged along with the group, I eventually unwound myself, body and brain. Mary talked about all of the gifts that we have to give each other and the ones that we can take from even those who annoy us. Mary is always trying to give back and next up is to build a Peace Garden. I know nothing about gardening, but after tonight, I know something about peace. That I Am.

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