Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Three Day Weekend

I can't believe we pulled it off! Six amazing women (if you count the Grand Canyon, we had seven wonders of the world all gathered together) for a three day get-away. Our long-time BFF Cecily has been running an entire industry up there pretty much single handedly, managing everything down to the last detail. She's got a steakhouse, a spaghetti western restaurant, a Mexican place, the coolest coffeehouse around and a great gift shop. She's going crazy working and needed a different kind of crazy added to the mix. We were happy to oblige, showing up from Phoenix on Friday afternoon and probably didn't stop laughing or making fools of ourselves (in a good way) the whole weekend. We had a great mix of gals, perfect weather and a great chance to get away. So much fun! Loud festive Mexican music, margaritas, helicopter rides, IMAX, good guac, Yippie-Ei-O, falling in love with a gay forest ranger, showing the Rotary Club how to really have a good time, Bloody Mary's at El Tovar on the patio, and we even almost tried the menudo and the tongue taco - Cecily's place - the perfect place to come! And oh yeah, we even actually looked down into the canyon, the awe-inspiring Grand Canyon, so much history, so many stories to tell...kind of like us.

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  1. seven wonders of the world all gathered together.

    loved this. i need some wonders.