Saturday, June 13, 2009

Blue Genius

Shawn taught Shana how to use the remote control yesterday and this morning she actually remembered all 83 steps involved and played a movie all by herself! She found a movie that we saved on the Play It Now instead of waiting for totally efficient always within 24 hours snail mail Netfilix. At least I think it was Netflix. I know that we have Bluetooth and Blue Ray and XBox and appletv and some of the other things, or maybe all of those other things, but I'm pretty sure it was Netflix. So I was amazed when Shana asked me to watch a movie with her, Shawn nowhere in sight. See, I gave up on the remote control. I also gave up on actually getting up off of the sofa and crawling over to all of the components to try to figure them all out. Too many buttons. Too many bells and whistles. It's just easier to grab a book and read. Besides, every time I master something, Mr. I Have To Have Every New Thing That Comes Out Right When It Comes Out finds some new toy and puts me back to square one. Recently I was making fun of all the people who still didn't have the stuff for the deadline for going over to digital television - those people with the rabbit ears still on their TVs that are stacked on top of their even bigger TVs.

But at least they know how to turn the thing on.

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  1. That is so funny, Lisa! My husband has one of our TVs so rigged I can't even turn it on at all!