Monday, June 15, 2009

Movie Madness - Easy Virtue

I was listening to a Woody Allen interview today on NPR on the way home from work. He said that one of the things that is pleasurable to him about making a movie is that it distracts him from the negative things/thoughts in his life. Thoughts about death and war and the Holocaust and aging and his health (I know, I know - Woody needs to lighten up) - worries that cross his mind, but that he may not be able to do much about. Today I was distracted by seeing Easy Virtue. Set in the thirties in England, it reminded me of some of the same worries I hear about in this time and place that everyday, non-Woody Allen, folks have. Is my life too predictable? If I spend my life choreographing everybody else's life, will there ever be any time for me? How long should I live in a loveless marriage? Should we throw the same parties and go on the same vacations every single year? Is everything all about money? Is war ever worth it? Well, it wasn't all that deep - but a great trip to beautiful England with a wonderful cast of characters, lots of laughs and a good lesson about how to live life - you can either whine, whine, whine or go Tango!

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