Saturday, June 6, 2009

Bday Brunch

I'm lucky, lucky, lucky. I'm about to be picked up and chauffeured (by the lovely Laurel and the Jag!) to my very own birthday brunch (the BIG day's next week!). I stalled, hinted and whined enough to get somebody to remember, get somebody to plan, get somebody to pay attention, get somebody to gather all my fans together for a little celebration (I've also got a Happy Hour set up on Tuesday with another gaggle of pals). But then I read something about how uncool it is to do that. I read a hip blog that said "...and she's also planning a big blowout for herself and a friend. Speaking of which, how much do you love friends that just take charge of their own birthdays, instead of pouting that nobody remembers their special day? You love them a lot, that's how much."
So, next year I'm doing my own planning. No more whining, definitely no pouting, just a take charge, I'm totally worth it attitude. Next year. But not today. Today the whining won.


  1. Have fun Lisa - no matter how you got it! Happy early birthday!

  2. Darn. Out of town on Tuesday. Now I can't crash your party! Happy Birthday Lisa. So glad to have met you.