Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Rotary Club

In order to impress the canyon honchos and draw in the locals, Cecily has joined the Rotary Club and the girl will soon take over the entire town. We all helped her volunteer at The Rotary Club Solstice Celebration Picnic, complete with a cake walk, jumpy thing and dozens of quirky Northern Exposure-type townsfolk. My favorite was the guy that strolled in from out of the forest in hiking boots and a homemade lemon cake made on a Hansel and Gretel oven complete with orange and lemon zest, totally vegan except for the eggs. We all worked very hard on the cake walk to get that cake and it was definitely worth the effort. Always the scene-makers, we showed those people how we roll and were the life of the party. The Rotary Club will be talking about the book club for many, many meetings to come.

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